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A french reading

Avec un tirage avec jeu multiple ; the angel tarot cards & the archangels oracle cards, la question concern ‘the life purpose’

4 card :

1er Rang ; nine of air & spread your wings!

Ces 2 cartes montrent que dans le passé vous vous êtes retenue d’avancer vers votre but, que vous avez longtemps réfléchit au tournure que les choses aller prendre.

2eme Rang : three of earth and comfort

Au présent, vous utilisez votre créativité et vous travaillez dure avec votre équipe spirituelle pour attirer vers vous les opportunités.  Aujourd’hui vous êtes confiant que les choses vont changer et vous arrivez à mieux comprendre vos dons.

3em rang ; four of air, breath

La méditation et la prière sont des outils indispensable pour la suite, vous serez confronter a des choix et il ne faudra pas faire les même erreurs.

4em rang ; the dreamer, creative writing

D’ici 2 mois, vous franchissez un nouveau cap, des nouvelles idées, des nouvelles opportunités sont a porter de main.  Je vous vois dans les papiers, dans les démarches.


A car reading

Had an amazing session today, I answered to an interesting question that I want to share with you.  I used the Angel Tarot Cards in a celtic cross spread.

The question:  What can you tell about my car; I have some work to be done and am a little bit stress about the outcome.

My interpretation

1ST card: Four of fire

This shows that things were going very well, number 4 shows stability and there’s a sense of completion.

2ND Card: Five of water

What challenges you here is that things didn’t turn out how you’ve thought.  Emotion is involved here, you are seeing only what is not standing for you, there’s a feeling of lost.

3rd Card: Knight of water

This card is the basis of the situation, and it’s says that you were aware that the car need to be fix and it’s time to commit and do the work, this is the right decision!

4th card: five of air

In the past, you’ve mad unwise chose about the car, people were not honest with you and you’ve reviewed everyone motives.  The feeling of being trick or abuse is in your mind.

5th card: Queen of water

In the present moment, you are listening to your intuition, to guidance, and really want that things work out with clear intention.

6th card: Queen of air

The near future, you are making wise decision, clearing away the clutter and starts a fresh page

7th card: seven of earth

The power in this situation is that you are doing things both your head and heart and really taking time to handle this situation.

8th card: Page of air

People around you are giving you much information and some of them are delivered without tact, and they are wanting you to take decision rapidly, my advice, do like you are doing, listening to your logic and heart and intuition

9th card; The emperor

Your hope is that all is handled with care, very organize with scrutiny.

10th Card: page of earth

The outcome is good news about finance, and you’ve learn much on the car topic and things turned out in an amazing way

Mother Mary

Although Mother Mary is associated with Catholicism, Christianity, and Orthodox traditions, she and Jesus were themselves of the Jewish faith and culture. Mary, like Jesus and the angels—and especially God—belongs to all faiths, all religions, all paths, and all people. They are pure love, which is inclusive . . . without judgment, jealousy, or competitiveness.

She helps us to trust and believe in fairness and goodness.  Mother Mary is a mother to us all.  Here’s a prayer to call upon Mother Mary, let her cornflower blue light penetrate any cell of you body.

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels and Mother of Jesus,
I ask for your help. [Describe the issue.] Thank you for showering
this situation with your blessings and giving me insight, so I may
learn and grow from this experience. Thank you for showing
me God’s will so that we may all have peace.

Archangel Michael Prayer

Archangel Michael, I ask you to dissolve any lower energies that I may have absorb from my own thoughts or the thoughts or energies of those I’ve been in contact with.

Please, clear me, I give you Michael full access to my energy, you are the safe & trustworthy Angel of God.  Please clear away any attachment of fear, any cords of worry or ego thoughts.

Peel away from me, any psychic attack, anger, jealousy, misunderstanding, any old energy of unforgiveness.  I open myself to angelic blessing and ask that everyone with whom I’ll be in contact with through my work, be blesses and ask that anyone who need my service be given time and the resources to hire my service.

I turn my concern to you and heaven and I thank you for staying by my side always.

Oracle card blessing prayer

I ask that all of my readings with these cards be accurate and specific and bring blessing to everyone involved.  Please help me stay centered in my higher self so that I may clearly hear, see, feel and know the divine messages that wish to come through these readings.

Archangel Michael, I ask that you stay by my side and watch over me and my client during this oracle card session, ensuring that only God’s love and wisdom come through.

love & light

Alexandre M.

Multiple deck reading – For st…

For this reading, I am using the Angel tarot cards and the AA Michael Oracle cards.  Her question is about her life purpose

I pull 5 cards from each deck, there’s the first row from the Angel Tarot cards:

  1. Queen of earth
  2. ace of earth
  3. the empress
  4. the magician
  5. page of earth

The second row from the AA MIchale cards:

  1. you & your loved ones are safe
  2. this situation is already resolved
  3. take time making this decision
  4. be gentle with yourself
  5. pay attention to your dreams

In the past, you’ve take time to think about how you would manifest the support you need to your life’s purpose.  You’d always know how to manifest the money that you need and thus keeping you and your family in safety.  The feeling of safety is very important.

In the present, the Ace of earth is an indication that abundance is on the way that you are now being able to use your abilities and thus solved many questionS that you had.  All is well, you are in the flow.

In the future: The empress is saying that you want to go more deeper and really master your gift, many ideas that you have at this very moment will flourish into amazing outcome and taking your time is very important, take a time to think about what you really want, rush is not an ally.

Future 2 month: The magician, now you can to move things, you are ready to this great adventure, don’t be hard at yourself, errors are means to lean more, when there’s a problem its not that there something wrong but some to know and learn.

Future 4 month:  Ah yay, more to learn, it seems that you are going back in some learning, more of polish than to learn, you’re finances are healthy.  There’s a new area of study!!!  Michael saying that you are heading to your dreams and that you and fairies make a great team.


The 2 major arcana show that major change are heading up, both the empress (intuition) & the magician (magic) is speaking about a life purpose that involve intuition, magical things and the 3 cards from the earth suit (fairy realm) show that definitely your life purpose is to use your spiritual gift.  AA Michael is assuring that your loved ones are safe, you have been working with him to like put an energy field around those you love, that all is ok, that there’s a strong connection with the fairies and you, that your dreams are manifesting

Life purpose reading – for M.L

A client of my named M.L ask for an email regarding and his question is: ‘I am a tarot reader for many years now, and since a long time I’d never change the amount I charge people for  a reading.  Is this a good idea, please tell me what you see.’

Using the Goddess Guidance oracle card I pull 3 cards.

Card 1: coventina – purification

This first card is inviting you do some mental house cleaning.  It’s a time for you to feel light and free.  The cup is coventina’s hand is giving me the sense that you are feeling very emotional about all this and that (the bird in the other hand) is asking you to open your wings and take possession of your power.  What would like to get rid of, an old belief that tarot card reader should work at service for free or that you asking for a descent price for a reading is too scary!!  It’s time to be in the flow and know that you are abundant.


Card 2: Kali- endings and beginnings

It’s time for renewal, getting rid of old beliefs and fear.  Am very attracted by the image on that card especially the 3rd eye, you are a power psychic, your ability to see things is strong.  Like the lotus that grows from the mud, opens up to be a delight for the eyes, let yourself be open to full flower and let others know that you are gifted and that you assume the price that you fix for a reading.

Card 3: mawu-mother earth

A card of nurturing!  You are a lightworker call to help people, to hold their hand through major changes.  Your readings provide precious information that brings great clarity and comfort.  This card is a mother figure card that says;’ I support you in everything always remember that I love you’

Summary: the answer to your question is YES you can increase the price that you charge for a reading, people do come to you because you are cheap, and they come to you because your gift is a blessing for them, you reading bring great help.


General Reading – for G…

Hi G…, Alexandre here hoped you are doing great.   Just to let you that your remarks had been to my ears about my facebook post for free reading that due to time frame, you are never able to be part of the offer, so I decided to give you a Free 3 card reading, am using the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  It is just a general reading about what heaven want you to know and focus on.

Card 1: Laskshmi – bright future

This card is saying that you have been worrying lately; it seems that some unexpected block appeared.  It’s also saying that you all are going to be fine that things had not turned the way you thought.

Card 2: Dana – high priestess

Very drawn to the ball on her throat, I would say that you will be able to speak your truth and bring clarity to this situation, so you have like a house project or something related to housing?  Whatever is going on, this card is addition to the 1st one validates that thing are going to be well and that you know what to do.

Card 3: Sedna – Infinte supply

Don’t worry about tomorrow; the point of power is now, in this present moment.  You work closely with AA Michael, I see his orb and light around you and your house.  If in this very moment finances and realization of your wish do give you some worries, know that all is going to be ok.

Jumping card: Sekhmet – be strong

You are a powerful person, very determine in what she decide, happy outcome is on the way.  Again all is well!!

Heaven’s Message:

There’s nothing to worry about, the prayers you sent to your angels are heard and answered, either, you feel that what you’ve ask for had turn to something else, again this is only a delay it’s not that thing are not working.  I also feel a strong Goddess connection, Mother Mary I believe and Grandmother Figure as a spirit guide.  Have been lighting candles?  Because your guardian angel holds a candle in his hand sign that you have been like yelling prayers to him and asking for light.

Hope you’ve find precious information in this reading, let me know about it, I like to see what people has to say when they receive a reading.  I invite you to like my new page:

Sending you much love, Alexandre M.