General Reading – for G…

Hi G…, Alexandre here hoped you are doing great.   Just to let you that your remarks had been to my ears about my facebook post for free reading that due to time frame, you are never able to be part of the offer, so I decided to give you a Free 3 card reading, am using the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  It is just a general reading about what heaven want you to know and focus on.

Card 1: Laskshmi – bright future

This card is saying that you have been worrying lately; it seems that some unexpected block appeared.  It’s also saying that you all are going to be fine that things had not turned the way you thought.

Card 2: Dana – high priestess

Very drawn to the ball on her throat, I would say that you will be able to speak your truth and bring clarity to this situation, so you have like a house project or something related to housing?  Whatever is going on, this card is addition to the 1st one validates that thing are going to be well and that you know what to do.

Card 3: Sedna – Infinte supply

Don’t worry about tomorrow; the point of power is now, in this present moment.  You work closely with AA Michael, I see his orb and light around you and your house.  If in this very moment finances and realization of your wish do give you some worries, know that all is going to be ok.

Jumping card: Sekhmet – be strong

You are a powerful person, very determine in what she decide, happy outcome is on the way.  Again all is well!!

Heaven’s Message:

There’s nothing to worry about, the prayers you sent to your angels are heard and answered, either, you feel that what you’ve ask for had turn to something else, again this is only a delay it’s not that thing are not working.  I also feel a strong Goddess connection, Mother Mary I believe and Grandmother Figure as a spirit guide.  Have been lighting candles?  Because your guardian angel holds a candle in his hand sign that you have been like yelling prayers to him and asking for light.

Hope you’ve find precious information in this reading, let me know about it, I like to see what people has to say when they receive a reading.  I invite you to like my new page:

Sending you much love, Alexandre M.


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