Multiple deck reading – For st…

For this reading, I am using the Angel tarot cards and the AA Michael Oracle cards.  Her question is about her life purpose

I pull 5 cards from each deck, there’s the first row from the Angel Tarot cards:

  1. Queen of earth
  2. ace of earth
  3. the empress
  4. the magician
  5. page of earth

The second row from the AA MIchale cards:

  1. you & your loved ones are safe
  2. this situation is already resolved
  3. take time making this decision
  4. be gentle with yourself
  5. pay attention to your dreams

In the past, you’ve take time to think about how you would manifest the support you need to your life’s purpose.  You’d always know how to manifest the money that you need and thus keeping you and your family in safety.  The feeling of safety is very important.

In the present, the Ace of earth is an indication that abundance is on the way that you are now being able to use your abilities and thus solved many questionS that you had.  All is well, you are in the flow.

In the future: The empress is saying that you want to go more deeper and really master your gift, many ideas that you have at this very moment will flourish into amazing outcome and taking your time is very important, take a time to think about what you really want, rush is not an ally.

Future 2 month: The magician, now you can to move things, you are ready to this great adventure, don’t be hard at yourself, errors are means to lean more, when there’s a problem its not that there something wrong but some to know and learn.

Future 4 month:  Ah yay, more to learn, it seems that you are going back in some learning, more of polish than to learn, you’re finances are healthy.  There’s a new area of study!!!  Michael saying that you are heading to your dreams and that you and fairies make a great team.


The 2 major arcana show that major change are heading up, both the empress (intuition) & the magician (magic) is speaking about a life purpose that involve intuition, magical things and the 3 cards from the earth suit (fairy realm) show that definitely your life purpose is to use your spiritual gift.  AA Michael is assuring that your loved ones are safe, you have been working with him to like put an energy field around those you love, that all is ok, that there’s a strong connection with the fairies and you, that your dreams are manifesting


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