Mother Mary

Although Mother Mary is associated with Catholicism, Christianity, and Orthodox traditions, she and Jesus were themselves of the Jewish faith and culture. Mary, like Jesus and the angels—and especially God—belongs to all faiths, all religions, all paths, and all people. They are pure love, which is inclusive . . . without judgment, jealousy, or competitiveness.

She helps us to trust and believe in fairness and goodness.  Mother Mary is a mother to us all.  Here’s a prayer to call upon Mother Mary, let her cornflower blue light penetrate any cell of you body.

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels and Mother of Jesus,
I ask for your help. [Describe the issue.] Thank you for showering
this situation with your blessings and giving me insight, so I may
learn and grow from this experience. Thank you for showing
me God’s will so that we may all have peace.


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