A car reading

Had an amazing session today, I answered to an interesting question that I want to share with you.  I used the Angel Tarot Cards in a celtic cross spread.

The question:  What can you tell about my car; I have some work to be done and am a little bit stress about the outcome.

My interpretation

1ST card: Four of fire

This shows that things were going very well, number 4 shows stability and there’s a sense of completion.

2ND Card: Five of water

What challenges you here is that things didn’t turn out how you’ve thought.  Emotion is involved here, you are seeing only what is not standing for you, there’s a feeling of lost.

3rd Card: Knight of water

This card is the basis of the situation, and it’s says that you were aware that the car need to be fix and it’s time to commit and do the work, this is the right decision!

4th card: five of air

In the past, you’ve mad unwise chose about the car, people were not honest with you and you’ve reviewed everyone motives.  The feeling of being trick or abuse is in your mind.

5th card: Queen of water

In the present moment, you are listening to your intuition, to guidance, and really want that things work out with clear intention.

6th card: Queen of air

The near future, you are making wise decision, clearing away the clutter and starts a fresh page

7th card: seven of earth

The power in this situation is that you are doing things both your head and heart and really taking time to handle this situation.

8th card: Page of air

People around you are giving you much information and some of them are delivered without tact, and they are wanting you to take decision rapidly, my advice, do like you are doing, listening to your logic and heart and intuition

9th card; The emperor

Your hope is that all is handled with care, very organize with scrutiny.

10th Card: page of earth

The outcome is good news about finance, and you’ve learn much on the car topic and things turned out in an amazing way


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