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5 card spread

Hi beautiful members, i have a card spread for you today that you can use with your angels cards or any divination deck. Its a 5 card spread, the position are:
1. what the client is expecting
2. Recent past that is impacting on the now
3. The current situation, and how it impact the client
4. The outcome
5. The advice or action

Ive pull cards from my angel guidance cards and the card are = Prosperity, divine timing, romance, divine order, eduction. Let now interpret:
Our client has some financial expectation, feel he is waiting for some money to flow in his life. The recent past tells us that even though that money was not really flowing, divine timing was at work and he could actually manage to be at time to pay his bills and live nicely. In the current situation we see romance, which could be confusing for some, as the reading is about finances, so here this is influenced by money and it change shape, the romance card transmute into commitment card, so there we can say that some deals with be made, some commitment that will bring money to our client.
The outcome is divine timing, so our client can be at peace as all is going to be good and at perfect time, he doesn’t need to worry as there is concretization of his wish. As advice the cards is telling him to use his experience and its time to put his talents into practice as he will be needing them for the actual deal.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial, if you want to purchase this oracle deck, please check my website Please post your 5 card reading on the page, and share your reading with us.
Love and light, Alexandreimage