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Retro Lenormand

Being facinated by the Retro and Vintage era, Alexandre had created an amazing Lenormand divination card set.  The deck is  a jewel and will please the traditional lenormand reader, the newbies as well as the card deck collectioners. 

The deck contains 40 cards, 36 traditional lenormand and 4 additional cards, the umbrella, the angel, the cat and the oracle .  These 4 cards hold special meaning and will add a kick to your lenormand reading, it features the 11 of heart, 11 of  diamond, 11 of clubs and the 11 of spade.

The lenormand is a  dazzling retro interpretation of a classic divination system. 

Standard poker-size of 2.5” x 3.5” (63.5mm x 89mm)(40pcs) / with   Meaning Sheet / Packaging: Clear plastic case .

20140520_165727 20140520_165811


Here where you can find them:

A clever way of building your 3 card spread

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share a lenormand spread popular in France and Germany, its a 3 card spread.

You start by shuffling, to select the first card there are 2 method, the 1st is by simply taking the 1st card on top of the deck, the 2nd way is by asking the client to cut the deck is 2 piles with the left hand which is la main du coeur (the hand of the heart) and you pick the 1st card revealed by the cut, here you have your 1st card for the spread. Now for your second card you are going to count from the top of the deck the number written on your first card, for instance your 1st card is the child no. 13, You count till the 13th card of the deck heres your 2nd card.


So the second card is found by using the number of the first card, and the third card is found by adding the first two together and reducing the numbers. NOTE THAT: If you are seeking for the future, you cut the deck from left to right, for the past its left to right. For your 3rd card, lets pretend that card 1 is the Child 13 and card number 2 is Cross 36, to get your final 3rd card you add13+36+ 49= 4+9=13 know you have 2 choice take the Child card 13 as the 3rd card or reduce the numbers again13=1+3=4, 4, being the house. Your spread is The child, the cross and the house/child.

In summary: The second card is found by using the number of the first card, and the third card is found by adding the first two together and reducing the numbers.

Find this deck here:

Enjoy and have fun with these, Alexandre

The Angel Wisdom Oracle Cards.

The Angel Wisdom Oracle Cards.
I’ve found during many of my workshops on Oracle Card Reading that many of the audience member when divining with card look for a simple and to-the-point answer to their questions. With no surprise the questions are often : “Is the answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?” , “When will I get a new job, where is my soul mate and how can I found him, and so on?” Angel Wisdom Oracle Cards offer you trustworthy guidance when a short-but-direct response is required. If you’re navigating through a confusing situation, this card deck will yield straightforward answers to give you the clarity you’re seeking.06282c6cb54b9ef54ac2dd0022a55a741nfrontback36 06282c6cb54b9ef54ac2dd0022a55a741nfrontback27 06282c6cb54b9ef54ac2dd0022a55a741nfrontback36

Reading cards intuitively

Hello everyone, how are you all doing. It 6.30 am and am feeling amazing.
Today we are going to speak about “intuitive card reading”. What that you may ask. For me there are two ways of reading the cards, the first one is by using the meaning in the book, apply the rule of the game like in the tarot, sticking only to the traditional and basic meaning. The second one is had secret weapon with, its marrying your intuition the the card meaning. An example?
Yesterday a young gentleman walk in my office for a reading, I never ask any question when a client comes to me for a reading, i let answers revealed themselves. I always pray and bless my session, as i was shuffling i pray “may i be at service and be a light for myself and others, everything i need to know is reveal to me through the light of
God, may my whole being become an oracle……”I was using mon petit lenormand and the 2 cards i picked was lily and tree, so i say, to come because you need answers about an elder health, he smile and suddenly my ears started to pinch very high and i say did he has issue with his ears and hearing? In total shock he said “yes, how do you know?”
This is what i meant by intuitive card reading, let you cards and you be one, use the technic and also listen to your intuition.
An exercise that i give when i teach (3 card reading) is when you do a spread, ask yourself question, 1st card past, where i came from? 2nd card where am i and what can do?3rd where am i going, and to each question listen to the answer to get as an intuition, remember that everything you need to know is revealed to you.

Practice and polish your skill and you will become an amazing seer. Alexandre20140511_111641

Lenormand Reading

Today is a public holiday,  a goid time for a card reading. Wanted to know what the day has in store. I pulled the stork, the rider and the letter. Seems that there movement,  email and phone calls someone giving birth (it happen yesterday though) lot of exiting things. By the way we are going to the cinema with my son to see Rio (letter+stork =cinema ticket for a bird film?)  What do you see?10325674_609155319179801_4855747073086861971_n

Sacred Sign Bearers

Hello everyone,  we are going to talk about something really interesting: Sacred Sign Bearers. What are they you may ask?
Sacred sign bearer are those that the universe and your angels chose as messenger to answers your question through sign and omen, for example a butterfly that flow in the house bears the sign that someone from heaven is saying hello, you are inquiring about your love life and a flamingo appear next to you which means soulmate, unconditional love and passion.

Sacred sign bearers can be animal, plants, flowers, object and more, the universe uses various way to talk to us and i found this amazing.


I remember way back when I was living in South Africa (such a wonderful country), I was worried about my path and career, actually a client of mine wanted to open a metaphysical store where he wanted me as the star reader of the store. I was confuse if whether i should accept, so as always I ask the angels for signs to guide me.
I pass by a library and the first picture I saw was a zebra, then in the mall i saw a little girl with a zebra backpack, I went for a coffee and the waitress was wearing a zebra pattern shirt, so i notice that it was a sign, Zebra meaning duality and individuality, so this meant that perhaps working alone would be the best option, not sure of that I ask for a sign. Reaching home I saw a line of ants just before my door and this morning they were not there, I took a shower, put the tv on, here again a documentary on ants and their fabulous strength and hard work, after dinner a friend call me for a chat and she was saying that she had a wonderful picnic today and the only thing is that she was bitten by ants. I notice instantly the message and answers I asked for. Here what it say:
Zebra: Its not the time to look for a new water, the one you already have is perfect (the water here is a metaphor for work, what pays my bill), you can share it but keep control of it, the ants denotes hard work for long hours and working for the pack, it was clear that something will not work and I refuse the offer. Without going in the details, months later it revealed that I was totally right to work by my own.

You have a question, speak it aloud and let the sacred sign bearer give you the answer. Love and light, Alexandre