Reading cards intuitively

Hello everyone, how are you all doing. It 6.30 am and am feeling amazing.
Today we are going to speak about “intuitive card reading”. What that you may ask. For me there are two ways of reading the cards, the first one is by using the meaning in the book, apply the rule of the game like in the tarot, sticking only to the traditional and basic meaning. The second one is had secret weapon with, its marrying your intuition the the card meaning. An example?
Yesterday a young gentleman walk in my office for a reading, I never ask any question when a client comes to me for a reading, i let answers revealed themselves. I always pray and bless my session, as i was shuffling i pray “may i be at service and be a light for myself and others, everything i need to know is reveal to me through the light of
God, may my whole being become an oracle……”I was using mon petit lenormand and the 2 cards i picked was lily and tree, so i say, to come because you need answers about an elder health, he smile and suddenly my ears started to pinch very high and i say did he has issue with his ears and hearing? In total shock he said “yes, how do you know?”
This is what i meant by intuitive card reading, let you cards and you be one, use the technic and also listen to your intuition.
An exercise that i give when i teach (3 card reading) is when you do a spread, ask yourself question, 1st card past, where i came from? 2nd card where am i and what can do?3rd where am i going, and to each question listen to the answer to get as an intuition, remember that everything you need to know is revealed to you.

Practice and polish your skill and you will become an amazing seer. Alexandre20140511_111641


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