Sacred Sign Bearers

Hello everyone,  we are going to talk about something really interesting: Sacred Sign Bearers. What are they you may ask?
Sacred sign bearer are those that the universe and your angels chose as messenger to answers your question through sign and omen, for example a butterfly that flow in the house bears the sign that someone from heaven is saying hello, you are inquiring about your love life and a flamingo appear next to you which means soulmate, unconditional love and passion.

Sacred sign bearers can be animal, plants, flowers, object and more, the universe uses various way to talk to us and i found this amazing.


I remember way back when I was living in South Africa (such a wonderful country), I was worried about my path and career, actually a client of mine wanted to open a metaphysical store where he wanted me as the star reader of the store. I was confuse if whether i should accept, so as always I ask the angels for signs to guide me.
I pass by a library and the first picture I saw was a zebra, then in the mall i saw a little girl with a zebra backpack, I went for a coffee and the waitress was wearing a zebra pattern shirt, so i notice that it was a sign, Zebra meaning duality and individuality, so this meant that perhaps working alone would be the best option, not sure of that I ask for a sign. Reaching home I saw a line of ants just before my door and this morning they were not there, I took a shower, put the tv on, here again a documentary on ants and their fabulous strength and hard work, after dinner a friend call me for a chat and she was saying that she had a wonderful picnic today and the only thing is that she was bitten by ants. I notice instantly the message and answers I asked for. Here what it say:
Zebra: Its not the time to look for a new water, the one you already have is perfect (the water here is a metaphor for work, what pays my bill), you can share it but keep control of it, the ants denotes hard work for long hours and working for the pack, it was clear that something will not work and I refuse the offer. Without going in the details, months later it revealed that I was totally right to work by my own.

You have a question, speak it aloud and let the sacred sign bearer give you the answer. Love and light, Alexandre


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