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Angel Reading for the Week of the 1st – 7 rd September 2014

Hello everybody, like many of you know, I recently loss my father, and the Angels as always had been precious ally during this time of grief. During my whole life, the angels had been my secret weapon for success and I am so happy to teach people who to benefit from these Divine Beings. The Angels is a gift, given to us by our loving father/mother in heaven (the Creator) to help us in our missions and daily life.
You can call upon the Angels in any situation, whether for physical help, finding lost objects, dealing with addiction or finding your soulmate. There’s no impossible mission for the Angels, you just have to ask for their help and be open and receptive to their guidance.

My schedule is still busy, and am not able to video tape the weekly readings like I was going before, its a rendez- vous that I really enjoy and cherish. Be able to connect with everyone throughout the world is a gift in itself. So I thought that writing the reading will be a new way for now to continue to give each and everyone of you your angel messages. The deck we are using, is my newest Angel Orbs Oracle cards. Why this name you may asked? I visually see Angels since a tragic car accident, where my car left the road and make a fall of 30 m on a cliff, side that day, I am able to hear and see angels. I see them as Orbs, if you are a regular viewer of my youtube channel, you will notice that in most of my video, I am surrounded by Orbs who are angels. Since the passing of my Dad, the Orbs/Angels are more present than ever, and this deck came to life.
Lets now, focus on this week reading which is for Monday 1st through 7rd of September 2014. The process is simple, all you have to do, is close your eyes, ask your guardian angels to help you chose one of the 3 cards that will become their own voice. The first numbers that comes to you between 1 and 3 is your message, just scroll down to read the message that your angels have for you.

PicMonkey Collage

Now that you’ve chose the card for this week reading, lets see what your angels has to say. Yes, we all have Angels with us, that has at heart our highest good.

PicMonkey Collage2


Its time for a break, you’ve been working hard by taking care of others. The Angels are asking you to create some time for yourself so that you can rest and rejuvenate, prayer and meditation is also prescribe. Take some minutes to connect with the Divine Infinity, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and let all stress, tension and fear leave your bobby, its also a great time to ask your angels, “what message do you have for me, what can I do to make my life happier? » and trust in the feeling, words or knowingness that comes to you.
IN ONE WORD: This is a time to relax and take care of yourself, this week is time to think about yourself first, others can wait.

The Angels had heard all of your prayers and they are preparing everything so that this wish can manifest in the physical word. Be ready and prepare your arms to receive your gifts. What was your latest request to the God and the Angels? Know that your wish is granted. Its also a perfect time to give a gift to a friend, family member or coworker, as you give, you also receive.
IN ONE WORD: Be happy knowing that your dearest wishes are manifest into reality.

Chakras are the energy point of the body, we have 7 principle chakras. The Angels are sending you this card as a reminder to clear your energy, when one of your chakra or all of them are unbalanced, this can cause some irritation, blockage and a feeling of not being well. Call upon archangels Michael and Raphael so that they can declutter and balance your energy point and you will instantly see the difference, a sea salt bath or diving in the Ocean is also a good way of clearing your energy.
IN ONE WORD: Time for detox!

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