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Angel card spread by Alexandre Musruck


Position 1 – MY QUESTION
Why am I approaching the Oracle? What is the foundation of my question?  Why am I asking this? What am experiencing this?
Position 2 – SURRENDER
What do I need to clear for me to move forward?  What do I need to release?  Who do I need to release? My blocks are?
Position 3 – TRUST
My trust in God and the Angels bring me this!  Who do I need to trust?  The solution is? My heart says?
My angels message is……  The direction is……  The right action is……..  The answer is ………
My Interpretation.
Position 1 – MY QUESTION: My question relates to courage, to take charge of this situation and stand up for my believes and conviction.
Position 2 – SURRENDER I need to surrender everything that prevents me from feeling the joy and the love, avoid all drama, and toxic people and cords of attachment.
Position 3 – TRUST: Trust that is time to stop and review my and everyone else motives, time to get a fresh perspective.
Position 4 – DIVINE GUIDANCE: This situation holds a blessing, my angel are there with me to help me in the process.
 © 2014 Alexandre Musruck. All Rights Reserved.

A review by Malkiel Rouven Dietrich


Its an honor when your work is recognized and praised by professionals.  Malkiel Rouven Dietrich is a famous german fortune teller who is specialized in Tarot, lenormand, gypsy and divination card readings, he even had created his own deck of cards, the X cards.  He usually make reviews of decks he uses in his private practice, decks that he finds useful, powerful and beautiful.  Down below, you’ll find the link to one of his video reviews, featuring in this video are some of my card deck that I’ve design:

  • Angel oracle cards
  • Retro Lenormand
  • Vieux lenormand
  • Mon petit lenormand
  • Musruck Oracle


You can find all these decks and more here:

Love and Light, Alexandre