Angel card spread by Alexandre Musruck


Position 1 – MY QUESTION
Why am I approaching the Oracle? What is the foundation of my question?  Why am I asking this? What am experiencing this?
Position 2 – SURRENDER
What do I need to clear for me to move forward?  What do I need to release?  Who do I need to release? My blocks are?
Position 3 – TRUST
My trust in God and the Angels bring me this!  Who do I need to trust?  The solution is? My heart says?
My angels message is……  The direction is……  The right action is……..  The answer is ………
My Interpretation.
Position 1 – MY QUESTION: My question relates to courage, to take charge of this situation and stand up for my believes and conviction.
Position 2 – SURRENDER I need to surrender everything that prevents me from feeling the joy and the love, avoid all drama, and toxic people and cords of attachment.
Position 3 – TRUST: Trust that is time to stop and review my and everyone else motives, time to get a fresh perspective.
Position 4 – DIVINE GUIDANCE: This situation holds a blessing, my angel are there with me to help me in the process.
 © 2014 Alexandre Musruck. All Rights Reserved.

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