The Massalia Tarot

Darker,  shadow  and blur card from the Massalia Tarot

The Massalia tarot is an adaptation of my method of reading, these darker and blur cards are those I pay a close attention in a spread. 
Arcana major
Justice; what decision do i need to take, what weight heavier.
Hermit; where light should be shed, what situation needs enlightenment.
Wheel of fortune; what changes do i need to make, what is moving.
Hanged man : non action, what is putting me in this situation.
Death: what is transforming, ending and shifting

Arcana minor.
The 4 aces
Cups: my emotion, my feelings, and dreams
Pentacles: my needs, material plan, abundance.
Wands; action, what step do i need to take, my passion, my wants,
Swords: decision, spiritual plan, my thoughts

The blur cards.
These cards show disillusion, truth, and light.
Sun: to where my action is radiating, if i decide this what would be the unfoldment.
Moon; why am i not seeing the truth, what i am not able to see.
Judgement: my final decision, why i am feeling guilty, my lesson.



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