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Crystal and Intention

Crystals are gift from Gaia, they hold the essence and power of the Divine.  Crystals are used in different ways, as a healing tool, a protective amulet, in energy work and so on.  I often put an intention in my crystals, for instance, I have a selenite wand on my reading desk, and the intention is that this area is always protected by Angelic energy, and that my reading sessions are always guided and protected from lower energies.

Here’s a little interactive game, I put an intention in these crystal so that when you choose one or several of them, your psychic talent is revealed.  Choose 1 and see what it bring.


Heres the Answer:

crystal reavealed

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Lenormandice E Class

Since the creation of the LENORMANDICE, people had been very enthusiasm by this new divination tool.  It combines the art of Kibomancie (divination with dice) and Lenormand symbol.

To help people get the best of it, I’ve created a free Lenormandice E Class, that guide your through the steps of giving an accurate reading.  Here’s the topic discuss in the class:

Untitled 11.24.11

Heres the video intro:

Read more about the lenormandice:

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Which Angel is with me right now?

I do a lot of reading and am so grateful for these blessed readings.  During a Angel Reading session, one of the question that the seeker asked is ‘Which is with me right now ?’.  Identifying your client’s Angel add more insight and guidance to the reading, here’s an example:

Mary: ” Can you tell me what angel is with me right now as a confirmation of their presence please?’

Aex: ” The Romance Angels and the Angels of healing is next to you, this tell me that you have been experiencing some hard time in your love life and that you are currently healing from past wounds.”

Mary: “Oh I see !”

Alex: “Archangel Azrael is also with you Mary.”

Mary: ” What does that mean?”

Alex: “The whole angel experience says that you have been having hard time in the past with your love life and that healing is occurring right now, and Azrael the angel of ending is telling me that you just ended a relationship and its like you are in a grieving process.”

Mary: ” Spot on Alex, am amazed at how quickly you’ve pick all this, thank you so much.”

Alex: “Thanks to your angels”

Now you understand how recognizing what angel is with you can give your information about what is happening in your life.  Angel messages are always comforting, uplifting and full of love.

Pick 1 or several angel to see which one is with you and what are the messages:

angel name

And heres the answer, can you relate to it?

Which angel is with you- revealed

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Your Angel Messages for December 8 – 14 from Alexandre’s Musruck weekly angel card reading

Hello everybody, Hope you had a beautiful weekend. To starts this week, don’t forget to check the weekly video on angel card reading for the week forecast, this gives you information and guidance on the energy of the week, what can be done to get the best of this period. Guidance is always helpful, see the link for the complete FREE VIDEO:

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Signs from Above – Pennies

Heaven always want to communicate with us, the verbal earthly communication that our loved ones used during their stay on the physical plan doesn’t exist any more.  They use symbol, sign and omens to get our attention!

The most common sign from heaven are feathers and pennies, when you see a penny somewhere, check the date on the coin, often, it can be the birthday of your grand father, the year the loved one passed over and special memory,  etc….

This interactive game has the main purpose to trigger  your intuition, we all have intuition, we just need to learn how to use  and to sharpen it.

Ask to your loved ones in heaven to send you a message and choose a / several coins.  See the meaning of each below.

coins revealed

Your loved want messages:


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