Which Angel is with me right now?

I do a lot of reading and am so grateful for these blessed readings.  During a Angel Reading session, one of the question that the seeker asked is ‘Which is with me right now ?’.  Identifying your client’s Angel add more insight and guidance to the reading, here’s an example:

Mary: ” Can you tell me what angel is with me right now as a confirmation of their presence please?’

Aex: ” The Romance Angels and the Angels of healing is next to you, this tell me that you have been experiencing some hard time in your love life and that you are currently healing from past wounds.”

Mary: “Oh I see !”

Alex: “Archangel Azrael is also with you Mary.”

Mary: ” What does that mean?”

Alex: “The whole angel experience says that you have been having hard time in the past with your love life and that healing is occurring right now, and Azrael the angel of ending is telling me that you just ended a relationship and its like you are in a grieving process.”

Mary: ” Spot on Alex, am amazed at how quickly you’ve pick all this, thank you so much.”

Alex: “Thanks to your angels”

Now you understand how recognizing what angel is with you can give your information about what is happening in your life.  Angel messages are always comforting, uplifting and full of love.

Pick 1 or several angel to see which one is with you and what are the messages:

angel name

And heres the answer, can you relate to it?

Which angel is with you- revealed

© 2014 Alexandre Musruck. All Rights Reserved.


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