Alexandre was raised in a Roman Catholic household by a family with a strong ancestral background in Hinduism. During his childhood, Mother Mary, Jesus, Ganesha & Mother Luxmi were revered as brother & sister helpers as all of them were created from the hand of God, as we humans are. Many of Alex’s close family members had a ‘GIFT’ and were able to communicate with the “other side” utilizing various spiritual modalities. Alexandre discovered his own spiritual gifts at a very early age, and as time went on he began to use his gifts in the service of others, through readings & healing. On a 6th September 2002, Alexandre experienced an Angel encounter that changed his life for ever. During this period, there were intense family issues that kept him sleep deprived and on that particular day he fell asleep at the wheel while driving to an appointment. His car slid off the road and descended down a 30 meter cliff. During the free fall, Archangel Raphael appeared as a luminous green emerald light and in a reassuring voice informed Alex that: ‘I am Raphael,everything is fine, you are safe’. And miraculously, he was. He was able to leave the scene of the accident with only minor scrapes and bruises.

After this life changing event, Alex found his that his gifts were amplified and began seeing orbs around people, discovering that these spheres were actually angels who were assisting and helping them. He also discovered that he could communicate directly with the angels and receive guidance on how to create a happy and successful life.

Based in Reunion Island, Alex now works as a full time  Crystal Healer, Life coach and Angel Remedy Practitioner and Certified Practitioner by Doreen Virtue,  Internationally known, he has clients from more than 20 countries throughout the world.

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