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Life purpose reading – for M.L

A client of my named M.L ask for an email regarding and his question is: ‘I am a tarot reader for many years now, and since a long time I’d never change the amount I charge people for  a reading.  Is this a good idea, please tell me what you see.’

Using the Goddess Guidance oracle card I pull 3 cards.

Card 1: coventina – purification

This first card is inviting you do some mental house cleaning.  It’s a time for you to feel light and free.  The cup is coventina’s hand is giving me the sense that you are feeling very emotional about all this and that (the bird in the other hand) is asking you to open your wings and take possession of your power.  What would like to get rid of, an old belief that tarot card reader should work at service for free or that you asking for a descent price for a reading is too scary!!  It’s time to be in the flow and know that you are abundant.


Card 2: Kali- endings and beginnings

It’s time for renewal, getting rid of old beliefs and fear.  Am very attracted by the image on that card especially the 3rd eye, you are a power psychic, your ability to see things is strong.  Like the lotus that grows from the mud, opens up to be a delight for the eyes, let yourself be open to full flower and let others know that you are gifted and that you assume the price that you fix for a reading.

Card 3: mawu-mother earth

A card of nurturing!  You are a lightworker call to help people, to hold their hand through major changes.  Your readings provide precious information that brings great clarity and comfort.  This card is a mother figure card that says;’ I support you in everything always remember that I love you’

Summary: the answer to your question is YES you can increase the price that you charge for a reading, people do come to you because you are cheap, and they come to you because your gift is a blessing for them, you reading bring great help.


A life purpose reading for louis

A reading I gave to a client named Louis, his question:  “I would really want to know about my work, I am self-employed in counseling and since these past 3 weeks, I have no more clients coming to me, those who booked appointments call back to cancel, what is wrong?  Please help.”

For the reading, I worked with the Goddess Guidance Oracle cards, here’s my interpretation and intuition that I receive during the session.

Card 1: Sige – quiet time.

Definitely, this card is a confirmation that things are going slow and it’s a very quiet time.  You have been feeling alone lately, the aura around Sige is giving the sense that you had prayed for this situation to change and also shield yourself, the stars in the background symbol of faith is telling me you are keeping the faith that things are going to be well,

This 1st card is a validation and mirrors exactly what is going on, this is what I like with oracle cards, once you connect with them, only Heaven’s light can get through.

Card 2: Sarasvati – the arts

This card is talking about you trying to polish your skills, and really do your best to be in the dance.  The swarm is a strong symbol of intuition, so there’s nothing wrong about you and your gift, your connection with good.  The angels are saying take this time of pause to polish ever more your talents and they are inviting you to investigate and go deeper to be like the sitar an instrument of divine sound, listening more to your clairsentience is also a major key to the next step.

Card 3: Aine – Leap of faith

This is all about manifestation and prosperity, aine is a fairy queen and as we know, fairies are queen of manifestation.  This card is asking you to be honest with yourself, what is your heart’s true desire, what is the action who would like to take?  Aine is giving me image of crystals, these could help you.

Summary and heaven’s message:  Heavens knows that lately things had been slowed down for you and that this quiet time had been more a stressful time that a time for meditation or rest.  You are a gifted loving person, there’s nothing wrong about your skills, it’s just that you are not using your skill to its fullest and working deeper in how you can be at service using these special gift is the key.

Counseling is not enough, you are a powerful healer and providing healing session coupled with counseling is the answer to your pray.  Your clients need more than a hear that listen to their worries; they need someone who would hold their hand through changes.

Feedback; Bonjour Alexandre, Your reading brought to me a sense of peace, I resonate with all what you’ve said, for the last month, I’ve been thinking about taking classes on crystal healing, I do feel that only listening and advising client is not enough, a healing modality would really help my clients.  Definitely, am going to take a class on crystal.  Thank you so much Alex, you are an excellent reader.